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Rico Purnell

Tazz Purnell


 I First started the Dog Training Club on the 4th July 1991

We are a Private club


                                                 Our classes are held                           









                                                  Christ Church Hall

                                                      Echo Square,

                                                   Gravesend, Kent.

                                                        DA12 1NR


We run 2 classes starting at 7.30pm-8pm & 8.15pm-9.15pm

                                We teach Basic Obedience to Advanced


                                       We also teach differant Tricks

What ever Dog Activity you choose to do

Your Dog needs Obedience Training

Having a well behaved dog doesn't happen over night

It takes time the more training you give your dog

The better he or she will be

How fast your dog learns

Will depend on what breed of dog and how much time you give your dog

Every breed of dog can be taught something


All Vaccinations should be up to date 

Vaccination book should be brought to the club to be checked

We cannot except dogs with out one


Dogs Should be wormed as advised by your Vet


All Dogs should have a Name tag on their collar

There is a fine for not having one when out in Public Places.

Never put your Dog's name on the Disc

Your Name & Tel No can go on the Disc

All Dogs should be Micro-chipped

It is down to you to Register your Micro-chip

It's important to up date your Micro-chip details if you move home

So that if your dog goes missing it will be easier to return them to you.

No Bitches in season allowed at club


No Harsh handling

If you are caught rough handling your dog

You will be asked to leave the club


We help the general public

 To train their dogs to become better behaved dogs.

Helping them to Not end up in Rescue centres.

So come on people Train your Pet dogs

A well trained dog is a happy dog.


Most of our Dogs that come to club are Ex Rescue and some of them have problems.

Some dogs have gone on to gain their

Good Citizen Awards 


 Placings at Dog Shows.


Remember a dog is for life not just for Christmas

Please email for more details through our contact page




























































































































































      We have replaced our Tea Jar at Dog club

      with a Battersea Dogs Home Collection tin


     Loving Memory of our Ex Battersea boy Ozzi




































Jaz Purnell

Ozzi Purnell

Rico Purnell

Tazz Purnell

       It can be very daunting for a New Dog owner having a puppy

                  Training your Puppy will not happen over night

                                      It takes time and patience

                                You only get out what you put in

                      Make sure your puppy is used to a collar & lead

                     It's a good idea to keep your lead on for Training

               That way you have control of what your Puppy is doing

                         When they are off a lead they are in control

             They can do what ever they want and not what you want


                        Also it's important to have a routine in place

             Feeding times, play times, toilet training, basic training

                                                      rest time


                                     Investing in a puppy crate

                               They are not used for punishment

                   It is some where that the puppy can go to for a rest

         They are useful for when you go out it will keep the puppy safe

                                      It can help with chewing

                         Owing to the Virus


               Dog club is closed until further notice 

      Keep a check on our Facebook page for updates

                                     Also on here

                      Our Dog Parties are cancelled

          We hope to be back when it is safe to do so

         Sadly still no sign of us starting back at club

            Finger's crossed it will happen next year

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